Kilkim Žaibu XX

Friday -
Lūksto Ežeras
Varniai / Lithuania

The fortress of Lithuanian metal is preparing for its 20th anniversary!

The dark arts cult, Thunder festival, Summer solstice, with these and many more hidden meanings under its name, the oldest metal festival in Lithuania will take you to a mystical parallel universe where for three days and for three nights the thunder strikes, where surrounded by bonfires the most wild festivities doesn’t come to an end and where you hear the most powerful music of all times.

KILKIM ŽAIBU XX festival will be held for 3 days and 3 nights on June 21-23, 2019 on the beloved lake Lūkstas coast in Varniai. By choosing the shortest nights of the summertime, the eclectic culture festival will celebrate the Summer solstice in its own manner. Our Festival becomes a trip to the parallel world where there’s no need to look for rules or limitations. It’s quite possible that only on our stages you can see representatives of archaic folk and extreme music as well as medieval warriors mingling in the new age subculture crowd.

Bands for KILKIM ŽAIBU XX so far:

Headliner band for Kilkim Žaibu XX is very special name for all true metal maniacs worldwide - HELLHAMMER performed by Tom Gabriel Warrior's TRIUMPH OF DEATH - legendary Swiss speed thrash black metal architects. This is one of their very few special festivals in 2019! Only show in Northern Europe!

SKYFORGER - most famous Latvian pagan metal band,
THE HU - Hunnu rock sensation from the Mongolian Steppes,
SULPHUR AEON - most important death metal institution of Germany,
KATEDRA - forefathers of Lithuanian metal (farewell concert),
FORNDOM - spiritual journey into Nordic folk ambient,
LEGION OF THE DAMNED - Dutch death thrash beasts,
GAAHLS WYRD - cult of black metal from Norway,
ROTTING CHRIST - dark metal gods from Greece,
PRIMORDIAL - Irish epic dark metal masters,
DESTRÖYER 666 - bathorical collosals and hard metallers from Australia,
KORPIKLAANI - folk metal superstars from Finland,
DEBAUCHERY VS. BALGEROTH - monstrous death metal from Hell,
WORMWOOD - melodic black metal discovery from Sweden,
OTAVA YO - entertaining Russian folk-punk rockers,
METSATÖLL - most famous folk metallers from Estonia,
IRDORATH - fast rising Belarussian fantasy and folklore act,
LUCTUS - well known flag-wavers of the Lithuanian metal scene,
ROSK - advanced metal disseminators from Poland,
DOWNCROSS - black death act from Belarus,
ŪKANOSE - Lithuanian folk metal band,
GLOSSARIUM - hard rock energy bomb,
BESTIA - Eastonian black metal horde.

And of course this is only the begining. The Artist list will keep on updating right untill the start of the event.

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