Brutal Assault 11

Friday -
Svojšice u Preoluce, Czech Republic

Other bands: Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir (Nor), Fear Factory, Morbid Angel (Usa), Destruction (Ger),  Napalm Death (Uk), Amorphis, Rotten Sound (Fin), Gorefest, Born From Pain, Severe Torture, Disavowed, Textures (Hol), Mourning Beloveth (Ire), Gojira, Carnival In Coil, Arsebreed (Fra), Visceral Bleeding, Birdflesh (Swe), Cenotaph (Tur), Deadborn, Obscura, The Ocean (Ger), Sanatorium, Depresy, Galadriel (Svk), Ophiolatry (Bra), Ephel Duath (Ita), Sick Of It All, Skinless, Wasteform (Usa), Neglected Fields (Lv), Fleshgore (Ukr), Illidiance (Rus), Orphaned Land (Isr), Rasta (Blr), Trollech, Root, Rites Of Undeath, Sacrist, Ador Dorath, Cerebral Turbulency, Ingrowing, Jig-Ai, Mortifilia, Solfernus, Colp, Crashpoint, X-Core, Smashed Face, Negligent Collateral Collapse, Tisic Let Od Raje, Uprise, Locomotive (all Cz)
Festival photos