Senprūsija / Old Prussia CD 2015


CD comes in super jewel box with carefully crafted 16-page booklet.

Album is dedicated to now extinct Baltic nation the Old Prussians, their traditions, mythology, history and last stand against Teutonic Order in times of Northern Crusade.

Released by Thunderforge records in 2015

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Album reviews:

New album is dedicated to now extinct third Baltic nation – Old Prussians, who are almost unknown in world’s historical context. Twelve songs tells about some important events and key figures from those times, like Great Prussian uprising in 1260, pagan sacred place of Romuva, the high priest Krive Krivaito, old gods and war heroes like Herkus Monte.

Metal : Skyforger have not lost any of their spark and spirit, keeping them one of the best hidden gems of pagan metal that has been able to keep an amazing level of quality throughout the years. A definitive recommendation to all fans of the genre!

Metal : I’ve heard many great works in the current year, but, so Skyforger takes the cake. I am truly stunned. To end my thoughts, concerning the production, it’s top-notch work, making it even easier to enjoy this work of art. So, please, my friends, take your time to find out a bit more about Skyforger and if you enjoy their music, I urge you to support and or promote this band in any form that is possible for you. They profoundly deserve this.

Explicitly : Listening to Skyforger is like listening to a mental barrage of nothing but the finest hell and chaos mixed into one mega-punch of lethal grandeur. This is what I call sheer excellence, and it definitely shows throughout the 12 cuts found here.

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