Semigalls’ Warchant CD (re-release of 1997 demo plus EP Asinslauks/Bloodfield) 2005


Semigalls’ Warchant is our first demo released by band itself back in 1997, exclusively in cassette format. Now you can get it on CD, same as original, plus we included EP Asinslauks / Bloodfield – 5 new songs. Asinslauks was recorded and released together with Semigalls’ Warchant in 2005 by Folter Records.

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Album tracklist:

     Semigalls’ Warchant:

Saullēkts pār svēto mežu 1. Sunrise Over the Sacred Forest

                                              2. Werewolves

            Virsaitis Nameisis 3. Chief Nameisis

    Akmenī iekaltās zīmes 4. Signs Carved in Stone

                                              5. Night of the Winter Solstice

Sen dzirdēju, nu ieraugu 6. Long I Heard, Now I See

                                              7. Semigalls’ Warchant

Asinslauks EP:

                Uz ziemeļkrastu 8. To the Northern Shores

                          Asinslauks 9. Bloodfield

       Nekas nav aizmirsts 10. Nothing is Forgotten

                                    Kāvi 11. Kāvi (Northern Lights)

Saulriets pār svēto mežu 12. Sunset Over the Sacred Forest

2005 Folter records

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