Rebel Riot ‘The Good, The Bad and the Heavy’ CD 2016


Latest (third) album of kick-ass Latvian Heavy Rock’n’Roll band Rebel Riot!

Their sound is mixed up with bits of classical hard rock and speed metal of the 70’s and 80’s with an occasional doomy and psychedelia infusions,
while lyrical story is based around the good and the bad things in life with a healthy praise to the magic of Rock’n’Roll!

Thunderforge Records, TFR 005
Release date: 2016



Rebel Riot “The Good, The Bad And The Heavy” 2016

Country: Latvia
Genres: Classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


1. Big Fat City
2. Lucifer
3. Dark Wizard
4. Lightworker
5. When The Stars Align
6. Legacy
7. Walk It Like You Talk It
8. Preacher Of Lies
9. Green Dragon

Released: 11th November 2016