Kurbads CD 2010


Album tells tale about Latvian legendary folktale hero Kurbads, man magically born from the White Mare, his great adventure through the Underworld and fight against forces of evil.

Released in 2010 by Metal Blade

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Raganas lāsts 1. Curse Of The Witch

Ķēves dēls 2. Son Of The Mare

Deviņgalvis 3. The Nine-Headed

Noburtais mežs 4. Bewitched Forest

Tēva dēla pagalmā 5. In The Yard Of The Father’s Son

Velnukāvējs 6. The Devilslayer

Akmens sargs 7. The Stone Sentinel

Pazemē 8. In The Underworld

Melnais jātnieks 9. Black Rider

Pēdējā kauja 10. The Last Battle

 Kurbads 11. Kurbads (Bonus track)

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