Heavy New Year!!!

As the year draws to the end, inevitably thoughts are going back to the past trying to relive the unforgettable moments. There are a lot of great memories to keep, both onstage and offstage. In total we did 23 shows in 11 countries, from it ranging to a small club in Nottingham or Malta, up to ice hockey hall sized gigs in Riga. We had small local festivals and huge foreign metal open airs. The kind of feelings you get when you see thousands people in front of you at Kurbads metalopera is indescribable. Touring with great bands from other countries and continents gives new drinking slogans. All in all, this was a hard and interesting year. Between all hustle, band have already started to work on new music, so things are moving on. And what is your best Skyforger memory from this year?

We would like to wish all Skyforger fans a happy and heavy new year! Thanx a lot for all your support! Thanx to all the promoters for having us! See you somewhere on the road! \m/

Photo: Kristaps Ēberliņš (Kurbads metalopera in Riga, Latvia)

Metalopera “KURBADS. Kēves dēls” second time – 23rd August in Riga!

Heavy metal multimedia spectacle “Kurbads: Son of the Mare” returns!

The heavy metal opera is based on the adventures of the legendary Latvian folk hero Kurbads. Stories of willpower, personal growth and battles with internal and external demons all intertwine in this beloved legend and are as pertinent today as ever before. The production is a 21st century interpretation of this tale and to this day, has been performed only once, in the summer of 2017 in Limbaži, Latvia. The show became one of the cultural highlights of the year in Latvia and garnered both public affection and critical acclaim.

Now, come see it reborn on the 23rd of August in Lucavsala, Riga. Music by Latvian Folk Metal band SKYFORGER, featuring top modern dance performers.

Directed by Inga Tropa, stage design by Uģis Bērziņš, choreography by Guntis Spridzāns, Liene Stepena, Liene Grava, costumes by Kristians Aglonietis.

Cast: The Narrator – Zane Jančevska, Kurbads – Ģirts Bisenieks, Snake Witch – Liene Stepena.

Dancers: Ivars Broničs, Gints Dancītis, Liene Grava, Jūlija Kobceva, Aldis Liepiņš, Artūrs Nīgalis, Rūta Pūce, Reinis Rešetins, Asnate Rikse, Maija Sukute.

Doors: 18:00

Opening acts from Lithuania and Estonia: 19:30 and 20:45

Entrance – free of charge!

Pagan Warriors Across Europe tour – October / November 2019

In Fiction Entertainment, in cooperation with HeathenRock Entertainment and THE FLAMING ARTS AGENCY, are pleased to present this massive Pagan Black Metal package:

Skyforger (LV)
Pagan, Black, Historical Metal
Thunderforge Records

Finsterforst (D)
Black Forest Metal
Napalm Records
new studio album 2nd August

Enisum (IT)
Arpitanian Black Metal
Avantgarde Music
new album launched 15th March 2019

Helsott (USA)
Pagan Death Metal
M-Theory Audio


Friday 25th October – Eindhoven / Dynamo – The Netherlands

Saturday 26th October – Eisleben / Wiesenhaus – Germany
10 Years Best Of Dark Troll Show

Sunday 27th October – Ostrava / Barrak Music Club – Czech Republic

Monday 28th October – Brno / Melodka – Czech Republic

Tuesday 29th Graz / Explosiv – Austria

Wednesdays 30th October – San donà di Piave / Revolver – Italy

Thursay 31st October – St. Maurice / Manoir Pub – Switzerland

Friday 01st November – Hamburg / headCRASH – Germany

Saturday 02nd November – Oberhausen / Helvete – Germany

Skyforger is confirmed for German metal festival Party.San 2019!

Skyforger is confirmed for mighty Party.San Open Air, which in 2019 will celebrate its 25th anniversary!

This german festival offers the finest bands of the Death / Black / Thrash / Heavy and Doom Metal scenes worldwide.

See you there and book your tickets now at http://www.cudgel.de/tickets

Get all infos at: www.party-san.de, and also pay attention to festival on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PartySanOpenAir666.


SKYFORGER releases “Nothing Is Forgotten” video, dedicated to the centenary of Latvian independence!

SKYFORGER today have released a brand new video for their track “Nekas nav aizmirsts / Nothing Is Forgotten” from their 2015 album Old Prussia, dedicating it to the 100th anniversary since the independence of their Latvian homeland.

Kristīne NEIKENA, who directed the video, says that main idea is there to remind that when it comes to Latvian history, “nothing is forgotten”, including the hardships and struggles of the Latvian people throughout the years.

The video tells the story through the eyes of a young woman played by Maija ARVENA, a rising Latvian film star. Her character’s journey is an emotional and symbolic account of the pivotal moments in the history of a Latvian nation, its birth, hopes, rise, fall and, ultimately, rebirth and strength while national landmarks, nature and events feature in the background.


“As we celebrate the centenary of Latvia’s independence, we want to dedicate this video as an epitaph of sorts to all those whose lives were broken by all the wars and conflicts that have befallen our land, and to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, so that future generations could live happily as a free and independent nation. The thing is, history tends to remember only the key figures, including the villains and monsters, while the lives of hundreds of thousands of “ordinary” folks slowly disappear and vanish from the nation’s memory… Well, our song is about exactly these people and in their memory!”

Video director – Kristīne Neikena
Cameras – Mārtiņš Eglītis, Tomass Beķeris
Art – Elza Bukuma
Video editing – Mārtiņš Lazdāns
Concept and production – Andis Mikainis

Actress: Maija Arvena

SKYFORGER would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in making of this video: Maija Arvena, Ģirts Majors and Artūrs Majors (Palladium), Inese Boka-Grūbe and Gints Grūbe (film studio Mistrus Media), Bruno Aščuks (film studio Centrums / Terra Europa), Oskars Timbars & GaCo, Ilze Krīgere (Latvian War museum), Gints Lundbergs, Jānis Freimanis, Dainis Stūrmanis, Kristaps Ēberliņš, Katrīna Vīksna, Iluta Reimarte, Pēteris Bērziņš, Normunds Jērums, Gatis Kalniņš, Toms Rumba, Jānis Belovs, Gatis Svoks, Toms Krivods and Latvian State Archive of Audiovisual Documents.

Very special thanks to Aigars Grauba, brothers Ābeles, Viesturs Kairišs and Askolds Saulītis!

Release date: 18th November 2018

“Senprūsija” album released on vinyl!

Hey guys! In cooperation with Folter Records we have released our latest album “Senprūsija” on vinyl.

The 11-track LP is housed in a full colour outer & inner sleeves, with included poster 30 cm x 51 cm.

For sound there’s been done special vinyl mastering.

One track from CD version – “The Ritual” is omitted for space reasons. Enjoy!

You can order your copy right here:


Track list:

Side A

1. Ei skīja, skīja 01:22
2. Senprūsija 05:32
3. Sudāvu jātnieki 04:13
4. Tagad vai nekad 05:00
5. Herkus Monte 04:17
6. Rāmava 06:44

Side B

7. Lepnums un spīts 06:13
8. Divi brāļi 04:49
9. Melnās buras 04:49
10. Nekas nav aizmirsts 06:50
11. Zem Lietuvas karogiem 05:07

Total length: 54:56 min.


Concert “Kurbads. Son Of The Mare” received the annual Latvian Broadcasting Media award “A Kilogram of Culture’”

We are very honored to say, we just received the annual Latvian Broadcasting Media award “A Kilogram of Culture’” in the category “Surprise of the year” for concert “Kurbads. Son Of The Mare” on 3rd June, 2017.

A Kilogram of Culture is an annual award given by Latvian Television and Latvian Radio for achievements in Latvian field of culture.

Autumn tour across Spain and Portugal / New interview for ‘Sounds from Apocalypse’!

Hi friends! We are glad to announce five Skyforger concerts across Spain and Portugal this October!
It will be great to meet old fans in cities we didn’t play in last touring cycle (Madrid) and to discover some new places as well (Oviedo, Vigo and Lisboa).
Check out your nearest city and please share updated tour flyer. We hope to see you at these shows!
10 October – Madrid (Spain) – Sala Caracol
11 October – Zaragoza (Spain) – C. C. Delicias
12 October – Oviedo (Spain) – Sir Lauren’s
13 October – Vigo (Spain) – Sala Master (Autumn Alive)
14 October – Lisboa (Portugal) – RCA Club
All dates will play also Spanish folk metal band Salduie.
On Lisboa date three more bands were added: Gwydion, Air Raid and Evil Killer.
In connection with upcoming tour, Peter spoke about past and future with Portuguese webzine ‘Sounds from Apocalypse’ webzine (in english).
Facebook events / tickets:
Organized by: Kivents, Suspiria Records & ITP Promotions.
Hola amigos! En Octubre volvemos a España y Portugal! Nos vemos!
Olá pessoal, é com muito gosto que teremos a honra de voltar a Espanha e Portugal no próximo mês de Outubro. Até lá!