SKYFORGER has been forging their music in the smithy of the Latvian Thundergod Pērkons since 1995.

For more than last two decades, the band has been fighting under the flag of Latvian Pagan Metal, an extreme blend of traditional Baltic Folk music and various Metal influences ranging from Norwegian inspired Black Metal through to 80s-rooted Heavy Metal. The band’s unique combination of ancient and modern influence has given them a wide appeal throughout both the Metal and Folk scenes, and has brought great variety to their song writing over the course of the seven SKYFORGER albums.

The first of these was unleashed from the forge in 1997. Titled ‘Semigalls’ Warchant’, the demo tape told tales of the last free Pagan tribes of the Baltic peoples; and their struggles with Christian invaders throughout the thirteenth century. These tales of ancient tribal Latvia and its Heathen tradition were to be expanded upon in 1998 with SKYFORGER’s first full-length album, ‘Kauja pie Saules’ (‘The Battle of Saule’). Later, in 2000, band followed with their third release, the First World War themed album ‘Latvian Riflemen’.

SKYFORGER signed to the German label Folter Records and soon the world saw the release of their newest Pagan Metal masterpiece, – ‘Thunderforge’, which was a fine return to their old themes of ancestral culture and Heathen gods. The next album in line, recorded also in 2003, was the self-released ‘Sword Song’, – an album of purely acoustic Latvian Folk music and a long coming tribute to their ancient forefathers’ heritage. In 2005 Folter Records released re-mastered demo album ‘Semigalls’ Warchant’ on CD format, with additional EP ‘Asinslauks’.

SKYFORGER spent next few years working on a conceptual album about the legendary Latvian fairytale hero, Kurbads. The album, similarly entitled ‘Kurbads’, was published worldwide via famous American label Metal Blade Records, and was chosen as best rock / metal album by Latvian Music Awards 2010.

Through the years, band has been busy on festival stages all over Europe, has performed also in USA and South America, and SKYFORGER is well known for their non-compromising live performances.

SKYFORGER released their latest opus ‘Old Prussia’ on April, 2015 on Thunderforge Records. Album tells about old Baltic Prussian tribes, their mythology, life and death. Album was supported by two years heavy touring all across the Europe (Heidenfest European tour, North Winds European tour, Hellfest, Metaldays, Wave Gotik Treffen, Steelfest, Kaltenbach, Ragnard Rock festival & more) – in total band visited 16 countries. At the moment, band is already working on new songs, Thunderforge never sleeps.

Semigalls’ Warchant (1997 MC)
Kauja Pie Saules (1998)
Latvian Riflemen (2000)
Thunderforge (2003)
Sword Song (2003)
Semigalls’ Warchant (2005 CD)
Kurbads (2010)
Old Prussia (2015)

Peter – lead vocals / guitars
Edgars “Zirgs” – bass / backing vocals
Alvis – guitars / backing vocals
Jānis – drums / percussion