SKYFORGER release first DVD “Senprūsija Live”!

The DVD features a series of live recordings filmed between 2010 and 2015.Sky-dvd-photo


The backbone of the disc is the 15th of May 2015 SKYFORGER performance at the “Sapņu Fabrika” club in Riga , and includes a number of songs from their latest release “Senprūsija”, including the title track, ‘Tagad vai nekad’, ‘Rāmava’, ‘Melnais jātnieks’, ‘Zem Lietuvas karogiem’, as well as older hits, such as ‘Kauja pie Saules’ and ‘Migla migla, rasa rasa’. The video for ‘Melnās buras’, SKYFORGER’s latest, concludes the first chapter of the release.

The second half of ‘Senprūsija Live’ features live recordings of SKYFORGER’s greatest hits – ‘Kurši’ and ‘Jūras dziesma’ taken from “Kurbads” release party in 2010, ‘Tīreļa purvā’ from the band’s performance on Lāčplēsis day in Riga in 2011, ‘Kad Ūsiņš jāj’ recorded at the “Positivus” festival in 2012, as well as performances of ‘Nāves sala’, ‘Čūsku sieviete’, ‘Night of the Winter Solstice”, ‘Pērkoņkalve’, ‘Uz ziemeļkrastu’, ‘Ķēves dēls’, ‘Tumsā un salā’ and ‘Uz kariņu bāliņš jāja’ shot at various music festivals, including “Fono Cēsis” and “Kilkim Žaibu” in Lithuania.

135 minutes of pure folk and metal energy will transport every true SKYFORGER connoisseur back to that perfect rock festival, let you mash the Pause button on the remote to find yourself in the crowd, or throw a genuine SKYFORGER party right in your living room, provided you have a proper telly and loudspeakers to match.

PETER (vocals, guitar) says:

“As now we celebrate the 20 years of SKYFORGER, we thought it is a great moment to release our first ever DVD. We based it on the “Senprūsija” release performance we did at the “Sapņu Fabrika” and topped it off with a generous helping of live recordings from a number of gigs we have gathered over the past five years. Fans have been asking us for a live recording and videos, so – here it is, guys!”

All videos are professionally shot by Rock’n’films Studio.

This DVD release is supported by the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia.
You can order it from our website:

And of course, fans will have a first chance to get it at HEIDENFEST concerts next week across Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For tour dates see: