Old Prussia

1. EI SKĪJA, SKĪJA (1:24)

Ei skīja, skīja
Be jāu etskīja
Iz gillijas mistīkan
Jāu geltāinan laivīkan

Ei bratrīk, bratrīk
Tū bratrīke majs
Grēnzimai kvei laivīkan
Vērpimai kvei ziglīkans


2. OLD PRUSSIA (5:36)

With the rising sun
The ploughman starts his work
His ploughshare rips up the black earth of Nadrovia

On the sandy shores of Sembia
People come to gather the amber
Later it will be forged into jewelry
Amber – the gold of Baltic

In Varmia or Scalovia
There always will be beer on the table
And welcomed are travelers in every house
There in Galindia or Bartia

The courageous tribes
Dangerous bogs and thick forests
Guard this land

And the Old gods
In streams and meadows,
In the green sacred groves of oaks
They are here and everywhere!

In the dark Sudovian forests
Where wolves run in packs
Hunter search for the tracks
It all was so long ago

But now there is nothing left
Nothing but white bones in the sun

Old Prussia
It was the honor and glory of the Balts
Great heroes were risen here
For their homeland they spilt their blood

Old Prussia
The blood of our ancestors was spilt here
For our home and family
And our holy belief

And even if there is nothing left right now
Nothing but white bones in the sun

In our hearts Old Prussia will remain forever
As memories, that never, ever fade away



Past the bogs and black marshes
Through the forests and thickets
Across the hills and plains
With the wind my swift horse runs

I am a spear, sharp and piercing
I am an arrow, flying high
I am a hunter in the depths of forest
The roars of wild oxen are calling me

Sudovian horsemen
On the crazy horses
Their manes in the wind
With spearheads shining on the sun

Sudovian horsemen
Brave warriors
Like hawks they rush
On their swift horses

Those who was born into this land
They were born to be free
And only those who are strong enough
Can survive and finally stay alive

I am the double edged sword
Wild fire, which hides the tracks
I am a wolf in the darkest nights
Crying out for the moon

They can’t break us
They can’t turn us
They cannot erase us from this land
Where the blood is spilled
Sudovians laugh in the face of death

And when my time will come
To meet my forefathers
Let the dirge be heard out loud
In other hunting fields my swift horse will run again
And dogs will bark after the wild oxen


3. NOW OR NEVER (4:59)

(The Great Prussian Uprising 1260 – 1274)

It all began back in 1260
At a place called Durbe
Where knights of the Teutonic Order
Were defeated by Lithuanians

The bloody dawn is rising
The black ravens are calling out for death
We were tolerated enough by slave lords
They are few, but we’re in numbers

Only now, now or never
Prussia wake up!
Only now, now or never
Rise from your knees
Only now, now or never
For the last stand
Only now, now or never
It’s time to raise our swords

One for all and all for one
The forest of spears and wall of shields
This fire can’t be quenched anymore
The storm will reap the one, who sows the wind

Remember their names:
Herkus Monte, Glappo, Auktumo
Diwanus from Bartia and there at Kulm
Skomantas fought Teutonic Order

Like mad dogs they tear our land apart
For years they sit on our backs
We aren’t giving away a inch of land anymore
Our freedom we are taking back!


5. HERKUS MONTE (4:16)

Silver and gold
They can’t change a thing
If it is built in his heart
And forged
In the old songs
Ancestors’ tongue and sacred fire

Amber and silk
They can’t bring much joy
If a man isn’t free
In his own land
The sun and moon always shines brightly
Under the homeland’s wide sky

Herkus Monte
Was his name
Herkus Monte
The curse of Teutonic Order he became
Herkus Monte
Whoever will follow your path
Let him know this
There is no turning back

If the dam is broken and the water runs free
There’s nothing which can ever stop it!

The heart, it will tremble
The doubts, they will come
I became strong
Because once I was weak

And maybe it isn’t that hard to die anymore
If you know for what cause

But how many of us will dare
To give up the easy life to fight
How many will stand up
When their comrades are trampled in mud?


6. ROMUVE (6:43)

The great thundergod Perkuns (in ancient Prussian)
Our great god

With your power, with your might
Unite us, strengthen us!

The first one is Perkuns, Thunderer of the Sky
Then there is Potrimpus, the one who gives blessings to the earth
The third one is old Peckols, the ruler of the Underworld
Into his realm the deceased find their way

The power of the Oak, the might of the Oak
Unite us, strengthen us!

Daily the everlasting fire are kept burning there by the priests
And priestesses come there in midsummer to make crowns from the oak leafs
And the one, who can talk with the gods and knows their will
The Krive Krivaito himself lives in that sacred grove of Romuve

From ancient times the century old oak grows there
Three idols of gods sit by that oak, mute and noble
One has a burning crown
Another is a strong young lad
The third has a long beard
And a shroud covers his head

The great thundergod Perkuns
Our great god

The first one is Perkuns, Thunderer of the Sky
Then there is Potrimpus, the one who gives blessings to the earth
The third one is old Peckols, the ruler of the Underworld
Into his realm the deceased find their way…



Like a black snake, Christianity crawled in here
Filled with poison, it sucked our blood for centuries

Created in Rome
A religion made for fools
And the deputy of god himself on earth
Determined to command and rule

But behind sweet words and golden frames with pictures of martyrs
There are hands washed in blood and mouth full of lies

So much effort was exerted, but so little was done
Because we had our stubbornness, pride and defiance
And the old folk songs are still sung here
About goddess Laima and how she crosses the yard

How many sacred places was destroyed
Oaks cut down and stones split to pieces
But nevertheless Thundergod Pērkons still cracks the sky
And in Summer Solstice fires are burnt

It’s our stubbornness, pride and defiance

And like in those days of past the old mother weaves the belt with signs
There is power inside those signs, they tell about our gods

But the snake hisses, twists and turns
It does not want to die
As long as there will be fools around
It has enough of life


8. TWO BROTHERS (4:50)

This is long forgotten story
About the times no one remembers anymore
When there came people across the sea
And settled in Prussia

Two brothers led them there
Widewuto and Pruteno were their names
They gave laws to Prussians
And taught them about three gods
Whom they must keep sacred
Widewuto then became a king
While his brother the high priest – Krive Krivaito

And when the brothers grew old and grey
They gathered people in Romuve
And told them:
Now the gods are calling us and it’s our time to leave this world

“Both old men took each other by the hand and while singing entered into the fire.
And it happened that later all across Prussia in many places those brothers were worshiped like gods.”

White lightning
Struck across the sky
Gods accepted
This sacrifice

To the sacred fire they sacrificed themselves
The king Widewuto and Pruteno, Krive Krivato



That night, when not a star shone in the sky
The storm chased a ship to the shore, a ship with black sails
The wind that howls in those black sails
Tears the soul with hopelessness

Strange black sailors came ashore
Like ghosts they stood there, stood with pale white faces
The wind that howls in those black sails
Tears the soul with hopelessness

All night long the bell did ring
And candles burned with fragile flames
A young couple was married that night
Married in silence, without wedding songs

On the next morning the bride was found
Lying in the coffin before the altar

For a long time the storm raged on without cease
It carried sand from nearby dunes
People died and houses collapsed
From village to village a black woman passed

Those who were still alive, they dug graves
So they too could lie next to the dead
The wind that howls in those black sails
In pure destruction, erases every trace



In the sleepless nights
Grim thoughts arise
Like an incubus they plague the mind

So many things have happened
So much blood was shed
So many lives were given for freedom

Yet human to himself
Is the worst predator
Pain and suffering for all this time
Still isn’t enough

Where is the hypocrisy, where the true heart
And how could someone willingly die for a lie?

But nation against nation
Still feel the hate
Because “just human” no one wants to be

And the truth, as always
By those, with the most power
And all, which is uncomfortable
Is quickly erased from history

But nothing is forgotten and never will it be
Nothing is forgotten and it can’t be!

Despite efforts to hide it, history remains
You just can’t tear it out like pages from a book

Do those people give their lives for nothing?
Was their blood for nothing shed?
Even if we don’t remember their names and faces
They continue to live on in legends, poetry and music

Let us always remember
Those, who gave their lives for freedom

Nothing is forgotten, and forgotten it cannot be!
Nothing is forgotten, and forgotten it will not be!


11. RITUAL (3:16) (Instrumental)



With bright red flames
Burn castle mounds in Semigallia
And Semigallians are leaving
Their native land

It burns the same in Prussia
And the land grows empty
Although there are some
Who won’t give up their weapons

Under the Lithuanian banners
They stood
Who are still fighters
For justice
For the beliefs of forefathers
For land and freedom

In the battle of Grunwald
The Teutonic Order will meet its end
But ongoing battle will never end
As long as there always be someone

Always someone consumed by envy
Always too little and never enough
Someone, who can’t leave others live in peace
Hammers resounding as they forge their shackles

The hawk flies in freedom in the Lithuanian sky
The battle isn’t over while the last hero lives!

Per lygius laukus
Per vieskelelius
Jaunas bernelis vainialen joja

Vai sustok, sustok
Zirgu sustabdyk
Sava teveliam sudiev pasakyk

Negaliu sustot
Zirgu sustabdyt
Sava teveliam sudiev pasakyt

Per lygius laukus
Per vieskelelius
Jaunas bernelis vainialen joja

Vai sustok, sustok
Zirgu sustabdyk
Sava brolaliam sudiev pasakyk

Negaliu sustot
Zirgu sustabdyt
Sava brolaliam sudiev pasakyt

Here you can read Lithuanian translation