Heavy New Year!!!

As the year draws to the end, inevitably thoughts are going back to the past trying to relive the unforgettable moments. There are a lot of great memories to keep, both onstage and offstage. In total we did 23 shows in 11 countries, from it ranging to a small club in Nottingham or Malta, up to ice hockey hall sized gigs in Riga. We had small local festivals and huge foreign metal open airs. The kind of feelings you get when you see thousands people in front of you at Kurbads metalopera is indescribable. Touring with great bands from other countries and continents gives new drinking slogans. All in all, this was a hard and interesting year. Between all hustle, band have already started to work on new music, so things are moving on. And what is your best Skyforger memory from this year?

We would like to wish all Skyforger fans a happy and heavy new year! Thanx a lot for all your support! Thanx to all the promoters for having us! See you somewhere on the road! \m/

Photo: Kristaps Ēberliņš (Kurbads metalopera in Riga, Latvia)