After many years we are pleased to announce Skyforger folk music concert in Lithuania and it will happen at beautiful lake side of Kilkim Žaibu festival.

The biggest festival of extreme music, dark arts and ancient traditions in Baltic states, KILKIM ŽAIBU summons its followers already for 18th time!

KILKIM ŽAIBU – this is more than a festival. This is passion to live! It means top level sound / stage and exclusive bands from all over the world! It is amazing nature and fantastic audience! This is authentic folklore, real warfare, true rock’n’roll and genuine bastion of metal music in Lithuania! Come to check it out yourself!

Confirmed bands:

ABBATH – Norway, Black Metal
MGŁA – Poland, Black Metal
ARCHGOAT – Finland, Death Black Metal
MÅNEGARM – Sweden, Viking Black Metal
HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY – Austria, Black Metal / Post Rock
GRIMNER – Sweden, Folk Viking Metal
VALKYRJA – Sweden, Black Metal
BOSSK – England, Atmospheric Post Sludge Metal
SKYFORGER – Latvia, Archaic Folk
OBTEST, Lithuania, Pagan Metal
LOITS – Estonia, Flak’n’Roll
1914 – Ukraine, Blackened Death Doom Metal
KHEPRA – Turkey, Symphonic Death Metal
AU-DESSUS – Lithuania, Post Black Metal
FRAILTY – Latvia, Death Doom Metal
PULSE OF NEBULAE – Latvia, Progressive Death Metal
AUTISM – Lithuania, Post Rock / Post Metal
EXTRAVAGANZA – Lithuania, Depressive Post Black Metal
PEKLA – Lithuania, Rock’n’Roll / Heavy Metal
VELNEZERS – Latvia, Black Metal
ROMOWE RIKOITO – Prussia, Dark Neo Folk
MARGA MUZIKA – Lithuania, World Music
SHAMAN JUNGLE – Belarus, Ethno Trance
ŪKANOSE – Lithuania, Baltic Folk Metal
DELVE – Latvia, Archaic Folk
UGNIAVIJAS – Lithuania, Authentic Folklore
OBELIJA – Lithuania, Archaic Folk
RĀVA – Latvia, Archaic Folklore
JOTVOS SŪNŪS – Lithuania, Ancient Baltic warriors reenactment society
PILOTS – Lithuania, Historical club

+ and will be more bands!

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