First song online – Tagad vai nekad / Now or Never!

Today we publish first song from new album, it is called “Tagad vai nekad”, or in English  “Now or Never”!

The song tells about the Great Prussian uprising in 1260 – 1274, when the Prussian tribes almost succeeded in driving the Order of Teutonic Knights out of Prussia. However, due to the continuous influx of fresh manpower from Europe and many European leaders joining the conflict, the uprising was suppressed and the Prussians had to once again yield the Teutonic Order. More about it you will find in CD booklet.


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(The Great Prussian Uprising 1260 – 1274)

It all began back in 1260
At a place called Durbe
Where knights of the Teutonic Order
Were defeated by Lithuanians

The bloody dawn is rising
The black ravens are calling out for death
We were tolerated enough by slave lords
They are few, but we’re in numbers

Only now, now or never
Prussia wake up!
Only now, now or never
Rise from your knees
Only now, now or never
For the last stand
Only now, now or never
It’s time to raise our swords

One for all and all for one
The forest of spears and wall of shields
This fire can’t be quenched anymore
The storm will reap the one, who sows the wind

Remember their names:
Herkus Monte, Glappo, Auktumo
Diwanus from Bartia and there at Kulm
Skomantas fought Teutonic Order

Like mad dogs they tear our land apart
For years they sit on our backs
We aren’t giving away a inch of land anymore
Our freedom we are taking back!